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Form 4B 3D Printer
Form 4B 3D Printer
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BPS Step by Step 2023

2023-10-16 13:16:03

Megjelent Rátonyi József fogtechnikus mester legújabb könyve!

Joseph Ratonyi (dental technician, and clinical dental hygien-ist) is living and working in Ráckeve, Hungary. He is the owner of the IndividuArt BPS Denture Studio, and Training center.
He has over 25 years experience in the field of dental technology, from 2010 He specialized himself to produce high end quality BPS dentures, also to teach the technology as an official Instructor of BPS system of Ivoclar Company, and as the 20th. Technical Instructor of the SEMCD system invented by Dr. Abe Jiro. He is multiple time prized on Candulor Competition, (IDS Cologne) and also author of professional books. His main mentors were Max Bosshart (Switzerland), Mattheus Boxhoorn (Switzerland), Dr. Frank Zimmerling, (Switzerland-Germany) Mr. Paul McNally (Ireland). He is constantly keeping contact and following the greatest professionals: Dr. Fumiaki Yamazaki, Dr. Kenichi Matsuda, Dr. Abe Jiro, Mr. Kenji lwaki, (Japan) and many others all around the world, to improve his knowledge.

The Ars Artis Medical Publishing Ltd. was established by the author in 2022.
The „ars artis”; is a latin term, means: professional expedient.
This is our creed to produce professional books, with different aspect to the conventional.
The BPS Step by Step is a handbook which evokes a BPS hands-on course, and it’s aim to involve the reader, to feel the atmosphere of a real live-patientcase BPS treatment as in clinical, and technical aspect. I hope than the topic and the explanations will be well understandable, and useful for the daily work.

Rátonyi József

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